The City of Chattanooga’s Office of Economic Development stands ready to help you.

Featured Programs

Small Business Grants

Incentive grants offered to companies with fewer than 100 employees for the creation of 5 full time jobs.

Neighborhood Reinvestment

The City of Chattanooga offers small business loans for eligible uses to upgrade established small businesses.

Innovation Grant

The City of Chattanooga provides this tool for growing companies operating in the innovation space.

About The Office of Economic Development

The Office of Economic Development was created to assist entrepreneurs and businesses with their business needs. Our goal is to promote economic growth and development throughout the City of Chattanooga. We are here to be a resource for all types of businesses and entrepreneurial projects of various sizes and scope. Our office was also created to equip our city’s workforce for future economic trends. Our core objectives are:

To create an environment conducive for string economic growth.
To create a competitive and thriving workforce.
To grow wages throughout our city.

Connect With Us

For general questions and inquiries, please contact Kim Narramore at (423) 643-7353 or via email at

For questions pertaining to Workforce Development programs and initiatives, please contact Dr. Greg Harwood at (423) 643-7347 or via email at

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